Brian Scheffe Msc-Divisional Head – Service & Maintenance, Nijuis Industries

    • Brian Scheffe Msc-Divisional Head – Service & Maintenance, Nijuis Industries's presentations

    Brian Scheffe oversees the service and maintenance operations of Nijhuis Industries UK & Ireland and heads the development of industrial projects within the South West of the UK.

    Nijhuis Industries UK & Ireland, part of the Nijhuis Industries group provide sustainable solutions within the water and waste water space.


    Brian has a strong background with over 19 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment and a Master of Science degree from Baylor University (Texas, USA). Brian has been successful in the development of numerous wastewater and waste to value projects, within the UK as well as abroad.




    Title of Presentation


    Protection of your effluent treatment plant by automatic diversion and control of “out of specification” flows.


    Presentation Synopsis


    Out of specification flows discharged to an effluent treatment plant can have devastating effects on biological health.  Manual control and diversion of these flows requires significant operator input which can result in inefficient plant operation, damage to biological health of the system and out of consent final effluent discharges.  A case study at one of the country’s most well-known breweries will demonstrate how effluent can be analysed in real-time and how the process of automatic diversion can be achieved.  The automatic diversion system also decides when the plant has sufficient treatment capacity to accept the diverted flows without damaging plant performance.



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