David Street- Marketing Manager, Knighton Foods Limited

  • With a strong background in sales and marketing, David brings the creativity required for successful marketing together with the commercial focus needed in sales. David joined Knighton Foods earlier this year after having been in the industry for four years. His previous experience of the food industry being nothing more than that of a consumer, so he brings the perspective of a comparative ‘new boy’ in the industry.  Having been heavily involved with the launch a new product to market which required successful cross-platform marketing that delivered real results, his clever use of digital and social media played a key part.

    David’s drive to bring commercial success to the projects he works on has seen him focus on understanding and engaging with the consumer on their wants and habits to ensure that the brands he works on can be responsive to the ever growing list of trends.  David believe that the ability for marketing departments to truly integrate with a sales force is key to identifying opportunities and continuing commercial success. In today’s competitive and dynamic marketplace, he believes that this integration is more important than ever before, rooted in the understanding that, without each other, both face a challenge to deliver the results.




    B2B Marketing in a Digital Age


    B2B & B2C marketing have for many a marketeer been very different, the information and data utilised has carried different weights within marketing departments and and historically marketing has been seen as a support function to that of sales.  With buzz words like “disruptive” and “social” all very much focused on engaging the consumer B2B has in many cases not realised what potential opportunities there are.  Within this presentation David will seek to demonstrate just how he is changing that within Knighton Foods and, how that affects the role Marketing plays within a B2B business.


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