Dr Valentina Stojceska-Senior Lecturer,Brunel University London

    • Dr Valentina Stojceska-Senior Lecturer,Brunel University London's presentations

    Dr Valentina Stojceska is employed as a Senior Lecturer at Brunel University London. Her research interests lie in all aspects of innovative solutions for sustainable food process development. She has led and managed a range of projects funded by Innovate UK, EU, TSB, Welsh Assembly, British Council and a large number of industry funded projects.

    Presentation Title-


    Current and future perspectives of sustainability in food production systems


    1. Current sustainability trends in food processing, distribution and retail:

    –  Energy efficiency

    –  Food waste management

    –  Water use efficiency

    –  Carbon footprint

    1. Sustainability assessment methods
    2. Challenges in assessing sustainability in the food industry
    3. Key drivers for enhancing sustainability

    – Economic, social and environmental viewpoints

    1. Future trends and options





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